Our Mission

To provide a diverse and affordable range of clothing for all tall women. We believe in ‘doing it well or not doing it at all!’

We openly encourage our customers to give us feedback on things they feel are missing from the collection or ways in which they think we can improve our range and service. We want all our customers to feel a part of our tall family.

Our Approach

We embrace tall women in all shapes and sizes and because of that we developed our Kelly Scott London range, which is primarily manufactured in the UK.

We have an active presence in every step of the manufacturing process, which helps us to constantly improve our fit and styling. We also work closely with small independent brands to bring variety to the website. Many of the companies that we work with, make garments exclusively for 6 Foot Fashion.

Our Story

6 Foot Fashion was born in 2011 and is the ‘3rd child’ of our founder, Kelly Scott.

At 6’1”, Kelly always loved the fact that she towered above her friends. and only after finishing university and then beginning work in the fashion trade did she realise what went into making clothes for tall women. Frustrated with a lack of clothing choice for anyone over 5’10”, she created the idea of 6 Foot Fashion, and the company was born.