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Here at 6 Foot Fashion, our focus is on celebrating tall ladies from all walks of life. In light of Wimbledon, we have created a list of our favourite tennis heroes, who were #blessed with the gift of height. From Williams to Sharapova, we’ve got you covered!

Venus Williams Wimbledon 6 Foot Fashion

Venus Williams – 6’1”     

Country: US | Turned  Pro: 1994

Of course, we have to start with one of the all-time greats of women-tennis. This four-time Olympic gold medallist with seven grand slam titles is the only tennis player to have won a medal at four separate Olympic games and hold the record for the most Grand Slams ever played. #AdvantageTall

Ana Ivanović – 6’

Country: Serbia & Montenegro | Turned Pro: 2003

Ana is a former world champion and Grand Slam title winner who competed as a pro unti 2016. She’s also one of Time Magazine’s ‘30 Legends of Women’s Tennis’ and was included on the list of ‘Top 100 Greatest Players Ever’ By Matthew Cronin. Another example of a tall woman whose completely smashed it!

Lindsay Davenport – 6’ 2 ½”

Turned Pro: 1993 | USA

Lindsay may not have played at this years Wimbledon but we believe she deserves a spot on our list! She was the world’s no.1 on 8 different occasions, an Olympic gold medal winner and an International Tennis Hall of Fame honoree. She is most famous for playing in the longest women’s final in Wimbledon history! Definitely, #AdvantageTall when it comes to this sport!


Petra Kvitova – 6’

Country: Czech Republic | Turned Pro: 2006

Petra is the second highest-ranked left-handed player with 20 career singles titles, including two Wimbledon Grand Slams, reaching her career-high of world no.2 in 2011.


Maria Sharapova – 6’2”

Country: Russia | Turned Pro: 2001

Forbes named her as the highest paid female athlete in the world for 11 years #Boss!. Sharapova is the only Russian to earn a career Grand Slam. This female tennis legend is known for her stylish fashion choices and is a perfect example of how us tall girls do it best!

Having larger feet can make shoe shopping a bit of a challenge, the should-be magical words of ‘shoe shopping’ actually sends us into a bit of a panic. Few stores stock anything larger than an 8, and those who do often sell out immediately. However, since the 20th century the average shoe size for women has grown and is still growing! It is nothing to be ashamed of and more of something to be proud of, check out our collection of shoes for tall women – and yes, you can wear heels!

Us tall girls have more than a few perks: actually being able to see at a gig, being able to reach that chocolate from the top shelf in the supermarket without toppling the whole shelf and making heads turn by simply putting on a pair of heels. But as we know, the shopping #struggle is more than real. Here at 6 Foot Fashion, we have created a list of our most relatable tall girl problems…

#1 Ladders After Ladders


Are you a girl who is always trying to find a pair of tights that won’t slip down past your knees before the end of the morning commute?

Whether your legs are long, or your torso is longer, it can be seriously tricky finding a pair of tights that won’t force you to pull them up so much that they rip holes in your feet. Tights can put us tall girls in a bad mood right from the beginning of the already stressful day, and when you’re laddering 2-3 pairs a week from wiggling and stretching just to keep them on, it becomes a financial burden similar to a bank loan – a burden we don’t deserve.

Why not check out our range of Falke Tights, ideal for travel, long days at work and fab nights out – ladder free!

#2 Dress or a Shirt?

That feeling when you order the perfect dress for the wedding in the summer… it arrives and it fits you like a t-shirt or something you may have worn when you were a teenager.

I’m sure by now you will be more than used to the disappointment of your dress looking like you’ve forgotten your trousers, but here at 6 Foot Fashion we have solved this problem, we have a wide range of dresses for tall women which take out the anxiety of online shopping.

#3 ‘Cropped Jeans’

Finding jeans that go past your ankles can be an impossible task. Us tall girls have a wardrobe full of ‘fashionably cropped’ jeans – and having to play it off as if we bought them with that intention.

Our trousers for tall women are carefully designed to suit any body type and are guaranteed to not give you that ankle chill!

#4 Chilly Wrists

When we’re not wasting time pulling up our tights were trying to pull down our sleeves. Us long-limbed girls may be able to find gloves that fit us in the winter but when our sleeves are too short our wrists suffer.

Check out our tall women tops, tunics and shirts to ensure you keep the ¾ length sleeves deliberate.

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“It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt the warmth on the back of my neck sat outside in the garden, let alone dress for the sunshine.

However, if you’re from the UK then you’ll know that we’ve been blessed with some glorious spells of sunshine recently and I want to share with you two staple pieces that are essential for my Spring / Summer wardrobe.

This Floral Longline Kimono from 6 Foot Fashion is a beautiful piece that dresses up any outfit. It’s so lightweight and can be styled many ways. Here, you can see I’ve paired it with some skinny jeans, and a red bodysuit to pick out the colour in the flowers.

This is definitely going to be something I wear a hell of a lot throughout the warmer months because it’s perfect to wear in the day and in the evenings when it gets a little cooler and you want something to throw on over stappy tops – oh and you might even see me wearing this in Cyprus later this year.

And the other staple piece this season is this beautiful Leather Cross Body Bag. You really notice the quality as soon as you unpack the bag – the smell of leather and the sturdy yet soft material. The size is just perfect – not too big and bulky for those summer days out, yet not too small. The thing I really love about this bag is the detailing on the chain and the fact you can alter the length accordingly.

This bag is definitely a day and evening bag – especially with the different zip up compartments. You can get this bag in a range of colours and is a definite must have!”

Katie Braithwaite

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle Blogger for Taller Women



Having great style first comes from feeling comfortable in your clothes and showing off your best features to ooze confidence. What’s your best features? Maybe it’s your legs, bust, waist, shoulders etc. But in order to show your best features the item has to fit all in the right places. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly will change the way you feel instantly, you feel more confident! whether that’s the perfect length, style, fit of a dress or fit of bottoms.


First impressions are always important, first they see your clothes then they get to know your personality. When you’re happy and confident, people will pay more attention to your personality than your height. People will probably always make comments, many times they are paying you a compliment, so don’t get embarrassed. Smile and thank them.


Stand tall, dress to impress and remember what you wear does not have to be expensive, it just requires your attention to think about what will make you feel good and confident to make you walk with confidence. Lengthen your stride, a hunched appearance projects a lack of confidence. Choosing your outfit the night before is a great way to identify what you might not feel comfortable in for the day ahead, so try things on, look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel confident?


You are precious, so awesome and beautiful! It’s so important to love ourselves, I always tell my clients you have to Love & Style the body you have because this is you. Daily affirmations is something I’ve learnt to do and can really have a big boost on your confidence. I have not always been confident with my height until about 10 years ago. At less once a day, say something that you enjoy about being tall. Write it down in a journal or pin those words to your pin board.



Personal Stylist & Tall Girl