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Having great style first comes from feeling comfortable in your clothes and showing off your best features to ooze confidence. What’s your best features? Maybe it’s your legs, bust, waist, shoulders etc. But in order to show your best features the item has to fit all in the right places. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly will change the way you feel instantly, you feel more confident! whether that’s the perfect length, style, fit of a dress or fit of bottoms.


First impressions are always important, first they see your clothes then they get to know your personality. When you’re happy and confident, people will pay more attention to your personality than your height. People will probably always make comments, many times they are paying you a compliment, so don’t get embarrassed. Smile and thank them.


Stand tall, dress to impress and remember what you wear does not have to be expensive, it just requires your attention to think about what will make you feel good and confident to make you walk with confidence. Lengthen your stride, a hunched appearance projects a lack of confidence. Choosing your outfit the night before is a great way to identify what you might not feel comfortable in for the day ahead, so try things on, look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel confident?


You are precious, so awesome and beautiful! It’s so important to love ourselves, I always tell my clients you have to Love & Style the body you have because this is you. Daily affirmations is something I’ve learnt to do and can really have a big boost on your confidence. I have not always been confident with my height until about 10 years ago. At less once a day, say something that you enjoy about being tall. Write it down in a journal or pin those words to your pin board.



Personal Stylist & Tall Girl

Hello, I am Athina Boubouli, a freelance blogger, journalist and fellow tall girl, and I was lucky enough to have a quick sit down with Kelly Scott, the founder of 6 Foot Fashion. I wanted to know how it started, why it started and what is in store for the future, so take a look here:

1) When was the moment you decided to create 6 Foot Fashion and why? At the time, I was working in fashion wholesale and I was able to experience just how clothes were made and the process behind it. I though ‘I can do that’, so I did. I am 6’1″ and had always struggled to find clothes that fit, so I knew my market!

2) How did you go about setting up the business and creating it all? What was the best part and the hardest part? I came up with a name, spent time planning and researching, left my job and the rest is history in a way. The hardest part was leaving security of a job and a salary and the best was working for myself and not answering to anyone 😉

3) So 6 Foot Fashion is clearly inspired by tall women, for tall women. What would your advice be to all the tall ladies out there who not only struggle to find fashionable clothes that fit, but how to feel comfortable in their own skin? It is easier said than done, but you have to embrace it as you can’t change it. I noticed around the age of 18/19 that I didn’t stand well and I was  nervous or embarrassed about my height but I realised that I had to find a way to love it and work with it, but I think that also comes with time. But most importantly, wear clothes that fit you properly. There is nothing worse than tugging at the sleeve of a top or something like that. It makes it more obvious and you will feel less confident for it, so dress well and dress to suit your height, as it will make you feel better from within.

4)How would you describe your own personal style? It is relaxed and easy. I  am a mum of 2 boys so I am always on the go, so I need something simple that looks good, for example jeans and a shirt.

5) How do you stay up to date with the fashion industry and what trends are you currently noticing for SS18? I go to all the fashion trade shows, watch the fashion week shows, and also keep up to date on social media.  Whatever trend it is, it always had to work for a tall woman so that is always at the back of my mind too.For SS18 we are seeing a lot of colour, of course, and also this kimono/pyjama style trend is huge and I think it also works really well for tall women, with wide leg trousers etc, which we have in the Kelly Scott London collection (Meghan trouser)

6) Not only do you sell other brilliant lines of clothing but you have also designed your own. Where did this inspiration come from and do you have a favorite designer? The Kelly Scott range came about as there were a lot of things that you just couldn’t buy elsewhere, for example a jacket, as the lines are just all out of place. Also we wanted more flexibility and choice so it was the natural way forward for us. The inspiration for the collection came from what I was missing in my wardrobe and then it took off from there.

Too hard to mention 1 designer, but I love DVF and Tory Burch, just for their femininity and ease of wear really.

7) What do you feel is the most important thing that your brand/website has to offer and what makes your brand so unique? Most importantly, it is run by tall women, so we really know what the struggles are and how to make clothing fit. We are also a smaller company, and we work at things on a personal level, for example, I am at the factory in London every week, working with the various aspects of quality control and fabric. It has my name on it so it has to be good quality. And also I think we listen to our customer and when they write to us on social media, we take the time to listen and respond whether it be positive or negative.

8) So you are about to relaunch your website! What new things shall we expect to see? Better imagery, easier to use, more choice and options. It is just a bigger and better version of what we had really. There has been a lot of thought gone into it so I hope our customer likes it.

9) What’s in store for the future of 6 Foot Fashion and Kelly Scott London? Who knows? I always believe in doing something good or not at all, so there is always the option of expanding the ranges but it has to be right and the best quality.



Our brand NEW website is now live!

Take a look at our newly designed website which makes it easier for you, the customer, to browse and buy. We have also introduced the new brand for tall women, Stella Morgan. With longline kimono’s and gorgeous prom skirts to just below the knee, they have a fantastic selection for Spring/Summer 2018. The amazing Vimoda bags are also back as is By Julie, which is now called JCL. But so as not to confuse things, we will still tag it as By Julie JCL. They have a lovely range of really on trend pieces including longline cami tops and pyjama style wrap tops for tall women.

Tall womens clothing has never looked so good and we hope you enjoy using the new website and browsing the SS18 range.

6 Foot Fashion x

Knitwear’s previously unflattering fashion reputation is really brightening up. There are so many knitwear collections out there this year, showcasing inventive, stylish and gorgeous new pieces. Gone are the days of chunky, shapeless jumpers knitted by your nan. These days you can even think ahead and buy finely textured summery knitwear. Here at 6FootFashion, we have all sorts of knitwear for tall women. Colours and patterns to suit any outfit, and any layer from blouse to shrugs to jumpers.

That’s right: jumpers. Finally the idea of an oversized jumper for tall women is realised. No longer is that cuddly concept just something for those under 5’7”. Our Kelly Scott London Marie Knit jumper comes in taupe, coral and black, and fits up to size 18. On a 6 foot model it nearly reaches her fingertips, so you can see that there is plenty of snuggle room.

However, if you have to leave the house, and sadly most of us do, then you might be after something with both comfort and class. The first and foremost recommendation would have to be the poncho.

The poncho gives a quirky touch to any outfit: have a look online and you can see it paired with everything from skirts and knee-high boots to jeans or smart trousers. They have soared back into fashion in the last few years, thanks to high profile designers such as Burberry and Gucci. In the US, poncho sales alone drove a 55% increase in demand for knitwear at Bloomingdale.

Our contribution to this trend is the Kelly Scott London Laura poncho, which comes in grey or navy with a cute stone design on the neckline. Because we know the design musts and must nots in selling clothes for tall women, we have ensured that this poncho is 78cm (30 inches) long down the back.

Unlike a more traditional “jacket replacement” style poncho, the Kelly Scott London poncho is designed to be worn as a first layer, or as a light jumper. It is soft against the skin, and its neutral colour options mean that it can slot seamlessly into your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Why not pair it with our Hello! Skinny Jeans? Or, for that unusual office look, with the Kelly Scott London Katie Straight Leg Trousers? Their inseam is 38 inches and we also sell the jacket to match.

As the days grow shorter, we wish you the best of luck in keeping your wardrobe stylish as well as warm. Check out our knitwear range if this article has inspired you, and hopefully you’ll be strutting around in our pieces, the envy of all your friends.

As it’s November the chance of Summery weather is scarce. So if you’re starting to feel that autumnal chill, or to dread it, now’s the perfect time to check out the wide selection of jackets and coats for tall women which we stock here at 6FootFashion!

If your personal proportional problem is a long torso, then finding correctly fitting coats and jackets for tall women is an especially difficult task. Nothing is cut quite right, and far from finding a dramatic swishy coat with cape-like properties, most retailers only stock outerwear so short that you have to keep tugging it down over your stomach when you raise your arms. Thankfully, all of our coats and jackets have longer arm and body lengths than those you might find in your average high street brick and mortar store.

For those of you wanting a long coat, take a look at our very popular Kelly Scott London Cassie Trench Coat, or for a more whimsical look, our Urbancode Dusty Suedette Coat with detachable sleeves.

The trench coat is such a light neutral shade of pink that it will go with almost anything, from the delicate white ballet pumps and jeans of our model to the contrasting sophistication of our Free For Humanity Amadine Bordeaux Boho Blouse with our 37 inch Hello! Skinny Jeans Blackwash Barely Bootcut Jeans.

The Urbancode Dusty Suedette Coat is tan in colour, which is perfect for a more autumnal themed wardrobe. For an outfit reminiscent of warmth and the crunch of leaves underfoot, try teaming it with reds, greens and darker brown shades. How about the Kelly Scott London Beverly Stretch Fitted Dress, with the Vimoda Snakeskin bag? Another red option: the cosy Cocoa Cashmere Batwing Berry V-Neck Jumper! Or go for a casual, country look with the By Julie Check Print Oversized Top and comfortable Kelly Scott London Lauren Jersey Leggings?

We have lots of other lightweight autumn jackets and coats in stock too, ranging from the Kelly Scott London Claire Boucle Jacket in high quality French fabric to the Kelly Scott London Scotty Oversized Hoodie in black or coral pink. Or, if you want something to just throw on even more easily as you rush out of the door, why not check out our gorgeously soft Cocoa Cashmere Black Ribbed Neck Poncho?

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re inspired to check out our coats, jackets and all you could need in fashion for tall women.