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Knitwear’s previously unflattering fashion reputation is really brightening up. There are so many knitwear collections out there this year, showcasing inventive, stylish and gorgeous new pieces. Gone are the days of chunky, shapeless jumpers knitted by your nan. These days you can even think ahead and buy finely textured summery knitwear. Here at 6FootFashion, we have all sorts of knitwear for tall women. Colours and patterns to suit any outfit, and any layer from blouse to shrugs to jumpers.

That’s right: jumpers. Finally the idea of an oversized jumper for tall women is realised. No longer is that cuddly concept just something for those under 5’7”. Our Kelly Scott London Marie Knit jumper comes in taupe, coral and black, and fits up to size 18. On a 6 foot model it nearly reaches her fingertips, so you can see that there is plenty of snuggle room.

However, if you have to leave the house, and sadly most of us do, then you might be after something with both comfort and class. The first and foremost recommendation would have to be the poncho.

The poncho gives a quirky touch to any outfit: have a look online and you can see it paired with everything from skirts and knee-high boots to jeans or smart trousers. They have soared back into fashion in the last few years, thanks to high profile designers such as Burberry and Gucci. In the US, poncho sales alone drove a 55% increase in demand for knitwear at Bloomingdale.

Our contribution to this trend is the Kelly Scott London Laura poncho, which comes in grey or navy with a cute stone design on the neckline. Because we know the design musts and must nots in selling clothes for tall women, we have ensured that this poncho is 78cm (30 inches) long down the back.

Unlike a more traditional “jacket replacement” style poncho, the Kelly Scott London poncho is designed to be worn as a first layer, or as a light jumper. It is soft against the skin, and its neutral colour options mean that it can slot seamlessly into your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Why not pair it with our Hello! Skinny Jeans? Or, for that unusual office look, with the Kelly Scott London Katie Straight Leg Trousers? Their inseam is 38 inches and we also sell the jacket to match.

As the days grow shorter, we wish you the best of luck in keeping your wardrobe stylish as well as warm. Check out our knitwear range if this article has inspired you, and hopefully you’ll be strutting around in our pieces, the envy of all your friends.

By now, we hope that you’re well over your January blues. However, as the end of February is just on the horizon, you may be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring. So, let’s have a little think about a garment that never goes out of style and is able to serve you perfectly during the transition from a cold February to a (hopefully) less miserable March – the long cardigan!


We believe that they are a great fashion solution for this time of year. You can no doubt keep snug and warm as winter fades away but also mould them to be part of a more relaxed style, by wearing them undone for an elegant spring look – ideal with skinny jeans and a pair of boots. What’s more, our range of long cardigans for women UK comes with offerings in a range of colours. You’ve got our full support to showcase whichever colours are your favourites, no matter what time of year! However, if you feel like staying in tune with seasonal colours then check out some of the womens knitwear from By Julie. As the Earth’s colour brightens from icy, snowy, bleaker skies, we think that the washed out effects on the cardigans from By Julie completely represent the injection of colour that we’ll begin to see outside at this time of year.


A long cardigan can certainly act as a stress free wardrobe essential; a relaxed garment that can be quickly thrown on at the start of a busy day. Simply style it with a plain top underneath and if you’re looking for the ultimate accessory to be coupled with it, may we suggest a loose fitting scarf to fully complement the longer torso. This is another great ‘hybrid’ style that suits this time of year – knitwear and scarves go hand-in-hand, whether it be a long chunky scarf to see you out of February or a lighter accessory such as the Echo Design Cozumel Pareo.


Whether for a cute weekend look or part of a daily routine, the long cardigan is versatile and there for you. By all means, keep it simple and relaxed on Saturdays and Sundays, but we think that our range of ‘cardies’ can be an asset to your collection of work-wear. Being quite minimal in pattern and not too flamboyant in colouring, who’s to stop you from wearing one to the office? Be careful of your choice here though – the Velvet by Graham & Spencer Dakota Oversized Cashmere Blend Knit, for instance, is so lusciously soft… we don’t want you getting too comfy and taking a nap at work.


As with all the clothes offered here at 6FF, the cardigans are designed with the taller frame in mind. What this means is that when we say longer in style, that’s what we really mean – expect them to fall lower at the back as well as offer a more generous length on the sleeves.

So the clocks have gone back and it’s here once again; the infamous British winter. While you may want to simply hibernate (wouldn’t that be nice!) and wait for the cold to pass, here at 6 Foot Fashion we can help you embrace the season and prepare for the blitz of wind, rain and snow that is sure to arrive in the near future. But its not all doom and gloom, the cold also gives you a reason to layer up and showcase more of your fashion favourites!


Knitwear always makes for a valuable addition to all tall women’s clothing wardrobes. A classic V-neck jumper is a classic wardrobe staple, which can be delicately combined with a gilet to keep you toasty whilst showing off both garments. New to our range of women’s knitwear are the latest offerings from Cocoa Cashmere where you will be able to discover uniquely perfect examples of the V-neck jumper that will never go out of style.


However, for a more extravagant look, Cocoa Cashmere’s black ribbed neck poncho is sure to make you feel like an angel of the winter by providing a flattering accompaniment to the taller frame with it’s relaxed and oversized fit.


Obviously, being warm doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice even a shred of style. Set yourself apart with a subtle dosage of colour that can be found through the tasteful shades of peppermint, yellow and pink on offer with By Julie’s waffle jumpers. If you’re yearning for convenient style as you go about your day-to-day tasks, then look no further than these to slip on.


Alternatively, long cardigans for women uk provide a zip or button fastening. Head over to our most recent knitwear offerings to find the chunky knitted cardicoat by Kelly Scott London – ideal for days that prove warm enough to avoid a coat but still have a bite of chill that you need to protect yourself against.


Whatever style you prefer, your knitwear is sure to serve as an insulating blanket that looks after you while Jack Frost visits the UK, but be sure to return the favour by paying particular care when washing delicate materials such as cashmere, in order to fully preserve the beautiful feeling they have upon your skin.

Sweet summertime!

With spring finally here and summer well on its way (did someone say three month heat wave?!) it’s time to dust off those flip flops and shorts. But we all know what the weather can be like, especially in England – inconsistent and somewhat disappointing! But that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be as well. Just to make sure you’re not caught off guard in the rain in that new summer dress, don’t hide away those jackets and cardigans just yet!

Kelly Scott London Lauren Oversized Knit in beige is the perfect addiction to your summer wardrobe. This flattering piece is great for layering up in the afternoons, or for those chilly evenings. The slightly longer back and pockets add extra comfort and style. For a casual summer look, wear with a pair of denim shorts and t-shirt or an edgy dress – the Lauren Moshi Daria Asymmetrical Tank Dress is perfect. Ankle boots or flip flops go great with this dress – particularly for a funky festival look. Long cardigans for tall women never looked so good!

Jackets for tall women certainly don’t have to be bland or boring – Another must have addition has to be the Urbancode 3 in 1Leather Zip Jacket in beige or coral. This beautiful yet versatile jacket is perfect for an English summer. With removable sleeves and a detachable trim at the bottom, you can warm up or cool off any outfit. If you remove the sleeves you can create a gilet or remove the bottom panel for a more cropped look. Pair with some skinny jeans and a cute t-shirt, such as the Kelly Scott London Whitney Hamsa Top in white.

It’s wishful thinking that this summer is going to be as hot as everyone is saying, but just to be on the safe side, you might want something a bit lighter. The Kelly Scott London Ontario Poncho in deep red is another great addition for layering up your outfit. Again, another classic casual look, with jeans or leggings and a baggy T – the Lauren Moshi Brenda Tee Royal Horse in beige is the perfect combo.

So ladies, prepare to get out those pins, things are heating up this month, and it’s most definitely not just the weather!

Women’s knitwear is always such a prominent trend for the Autumn Winter season, and this season is no different. We always rely on the ever-trustworthy Cocoa Cashmere to warm our longer bodies and complete our winter looks. Their arm lengths are known for being longer but there are many poncho and oversized styles that are meant to be ¾ length or rolled up the arm.  With a selection of colours to rival Dulux, it makes for a challenging buying trip but we like to think we manage to pull it off. All of their knitwear is designed to be worn everyday and with everything. Cashmere is not cheap but it’s an investment and when cared for correctly, it will last you seasons to come and if you are wearing it with your jeans for a casual weekend or as part of your daily work-wear then you will get your monies worth.
Our in-house brand, Kelly Scott London also has a great selection of easy-to-wear knitwear in the form of oversized cardigans and cardi-coats. Again, they are made with the taller woman in mind, so all the arm and body lengths are longer.  This season, we are seeing a lot of grey, monochrome and deep red and you will see this colour palette reflected in our new arrivals. They are all very versatile to take through to spring too, so you wont be packing them up in your wardrobe in a hurry.

With knitwear, you can choose how to wear it. Prefer something oversized and cosy? Then go for a larger size. There really are no rules about how to wear it, and you can also have fun layering your t-shirts under them and jackets over them for a complete look. Check out our selection of long cardigans for women uk right here.