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Having larger feet can make shoe shopping a bit of a challenge, the should-be magical words of ‘shoe shopping’ actually sends us into a bit of a panic. Few stores stock anything larger than an 8, and those who do often sell out immediately. However, since the 20th century the average shoe size for women has grown and is still growing! It is nothing to be ashamed of and more of something to be proud of, check out our collection of shoes for tall women – and yes, you can wear heels!

The ex-supermodel Jerry Hall has epitomised the booming interest in the underappreciated flat heeled shoe: photos of her getting married in black and in silver pumps caused a massive increase in sales. Fashion website Simply Be says that flats are virtually doubling in popularity. Victoria Beckham, Alex Chung, Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner are all wearing them. Yes, fashion truly is back in love with flats.

This is great news for those of us who dread towering over all the men in the room, or who have simply had enough of the pain and long-term damage that regular high heel wear can cause. We know that high heels make us feel more confident and sexy, but also know that sometimes you only put that pair on because you know everyone else will too.

Fear not! At 6 Foot Fashion, you can rely on us to stock all sorts of shoes for tall women! As well as heels, we have large sized boots and ballet pumps which are made specifically for us. Find your most comfortable shoe and wear it with pride!

Our ballet pumps, the Pretty Ballerina brand, have been with us for the longest out of our shoe brands, and they are always popular. The pumps are stylish and come in many different colours, including pink, blue, and white and gold. You could pick patent leather, leather with elasticated sides or satin, all in a pump style, or beige suede or snake-print leather patterned loafers. The pumps look delicate and are just as flattering to your feet as any high heels, while the loafers have been described as being as comfortable as wearing a slipper (but twice as glam!), and so will help soothe your battered, stretched feet from their high heeled purgatory. Why not try matching the blue satin pumps with the Kelly Scott London Kimmy Pleated Waist Skater Dress?

Our boots for tall women, the Love From Australia brand, are the ultimate in pampering your achy feet. The sumptuous sheepskin lining is snug and cosy, and they are delivered in a special boot bag and carefully stored in a corrugated box. Buy the Yeti Short boots and pair them with the Urbancode Marlie coat for a fun, adventurous outdoorsy look, or with tight jeans and a Free For Humanity Amadine Bordeaux Boho Blouse for a cute quirky look which shows off your gorgeous fuzzy footwear!

Hopefully this has reminded you that no matter what the fashion du jour may be, you can always rely on 6 Foot Fashion to provide you with the perfect large size ladies shoe!

Which type of person are you? Are you a die hard heel fanatic who sees everyday heel wearing as no big issue? Or maybe you’re someone who puts practicality before anything and wonders ‘how on Earth does she walk in those?’ whenever you see someone in a pair of stilettos. Granted, there are some heels out there that most would call stilts instead of stilettos and while some of you ladies may feel that there’s a time and a place for wearing heels, we argue that there’s a pair of heels for every time and place.

With this in mind, just browse the 6 Foot Fashion range of large womens shoes and you’ll see what we mean. Looking for a smaller heel that isn’t too much for day-to-day wear? Check. Minimal design for the office? We’ve got that too. How about a little shine for a night out on the town? You get the picture… Our heels range from 5cm to provide a little lift when desired, to 11cm with a slight platform to provide an incredibly elegant look when paired with the taller frame.

Here’s a thought (let us know if it’s already out there somewhere): wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a pair of heels that could magically morph into a pair of flats at the touch of a button or the fold of a heel. It’s a must that they look amazing though! All the heels from 6FF come complete with shoe bags, so until this invention arrives, a quick shoe change is easy if required – just pop them off your feet and into their little bag should you need to transfer to a pair of flat soled shoes

Oh, while we’re still in the cold spell, it might be important to let you know that none of our heels are open toed. That’s right, your tootsies will be safe and snug! Want to know which pair we really love? It has to be the Kelly Scott London Prima Donna Suede Black Shoe, which will be a classic style for years to come and a perfect complement to outfits across all seasons.

Most of us are guilty of it at one point or another, but are you one to sacrifice comfort for fashion? Maybe as a taller lady, you’ve found the perfect pair of shoes but they don’t quite come big enough. The solution? Squeeze into the smaller size and grin and bear the discomfort. Good news though, we specialise in large size ladies shoes, which means all of our heels are available in sizes UK8-12 – you won’t have this problem with our range of shoes for tall women!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Do you know who said this? It was indeed Marilyn Monroe… And she was quite right. Think about that wonderful buzz that you get when showing off a brand spanking new pair of glamourous shoes, you feel on top of the world right? At 6 Foot Fashion, we understand how hard it can often be to find the ideal pair of large womens shoes and we’re here for you!


We think that even if you have bigger feet than other ladies, this doesn’t mean that you should be left wondering where you can get your hands (or should we say feet) on the latest trends. Oh and anyone who says “you don’t need a new pair of shoes” – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, just ignore them.


Ok, so Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the appropriately named brand, Love From Australia, are offering some super cute boots if your plan for this Sunday is to take a relaxing stroll somewhere romantic. Fluffy, knitted and warm, these little gems will give your feet the love and warmth that they deserve while the tail end of winter slowly fades away. Coming with a suede upper and top grade sheepskin lining, we advise that for optimum cosiness, you don’t get these wet.


If you still feel like you need a reason to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes and while we’re on the subject of Valentines Day, think about all the shoes that are going to be alone on the 14th… in a box, cold. That doesn’t need to be the case, as you can save a pair by ordering them now to be delivered straight into your loving arms.


Regardless of the day or time of year, it’s always important to stay on the top of your style game and what better fashion statement than a new pair of heels. Our pick of the bunch here is the Kelly Scott London Prima Donna Suede Black Shoe, as they will style effortlessly with either a formal outfit or eveningwear.


We’ve got you covered in the comfort department too. We know that a pair of heels must be comfortable in order to avoid being neglected in the shoe pile, and you can rely on these heels as well as all the shoes in our range, because they’ve been made specifically with larger feet in mind. Versatile, elegant and great quality – what more can you want from a pair of shoes for tall women?

One of the most challenging things about being tall is finding the perfect shoe. Not only a shoe that is stylish and comfortable but also one that fits – and is actually flattering for a taller frame. One thing to remember when looking for a new pair is to be daring! Don’t be afraid to wear heels and show off those long pins. Try to wear bright colours that will flatter your skin tone, especially if you tend to go for darker ones. You might surprise yourself.

One of the most wanted shoe styles of 2015 has to be 6 Foot Fashions Pretty Ballerinas. They come in amazing colours and styles, perfect for every day wear, come rain or shine. A favourite (and definitely popular style) has to be Pretty Ballerinas Elasticated Leather Chain Detail Pump – the elasticated edging will give you all the stylish comfort you need. Try these gorgeous pumps with Urbancode Oversized Leather Biker Jacket. Or if you want to brighten things up a bit for spring/summer, take a look at Pretty Ballerinas in White Patent or Rose Pink. These would go perfectly with a summer dress.

6 Foot Fashion knows all about shoes for tall women. Kelly Scott London Prima Donna Suede Black Shoe is a classic and stylish handmade shoe that is a wardrobe must have. The soft and supple suede is comfortable yet glamorous – with an11cm heal, with a 2cm platform will make it easy to wear them all day and all night long! These are definitely a 6FF number one – a beautiful shoe that is timeless. For a classic day look, pair with some skinny jeans and a blazer, the Kelly Scott London Isla Jacket is perfect match. Or for a gorgeous evening look, wear the Kelly Scott London Beverly Stretch Fitted Dress.

Shoes not only complete an outfit and add style, but they express a woman’s personality. Remember to be daring ladies – be bold, be brave, but most importantly, embrace and enhance what you have got!