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We don’t catch many breaks when it comes to finding clothes that fit well while also being stylish and flattering. Not only do we have the issue of dressing for our height, we also have to dress for our shape.

However, here at 6 Foot Fashion, we believe it is a blessing. Why would you want to look like everybody else? We call these pear-shaped goddesses, ‘Inbetweenies’. An ‘Inbetweenie’ is a woman who can shop at regular stores and at plus size stores – double the choice! Unfortunately, a lot of plus size stores, seem to think if you are curvy you are short and vice versa.

So, what are the pros and cons when it comes to shopping for the pear shape and how can you rock this seasons style confidently?

The Struggles

  • Trouser waistbands either sit on the widest part of your hips, creating that not so tasty muffin top or leaving a gap at the back.


  • Swimming cozzies. Where to begin? We end up with the neckline somewhere under our boobs and a front wedgie so uncomfortable it changes our pitch when we speak, as there is never enough material to cover our whole torso.


  • Midi dresses turn into mini dresses and maxi dresses turn into midis. We find ourselves ordering the opposite style to get the look we want. Not to mention dress waistbands tend to sit under the bust rather than the waist – the same for jumpsuits!

The Blessings

  • Our legs look AMAZING in pencil and midi skirts.


  • Us tall women can pull off the wide leg pants look very easily, without looking short and frumpy AND we can wear them without heels! (the bootcut and flares are coming back in a huge way).


  • Over the knee boots are knee-high boots for us, showing off those luscious legs!


  • We can save money and buy men’s trackies and shirts etc. Men’s shirts can look fabulous on us when styled correctly and fit nicely over our plentiful busts!

What to Wear

The ‘A-Line’: When choosing skirts, coasts or dresses, look for A-line options. These are tall and curvy ladies best friend! A-line is the super flattering apparel that shows off the waist and legs but skims the bum giving a sexy silhouette effect. Team up with our shapewear collection for an even smoother finish.

Long Tops: Avoid short tops and t-shirts that seem to cut you off at the middle. These will only emphasize the size difference between your top and bottom. Look for long camis, t-shirts and tall kimonos that are long enough to hit the hips at the widest part.

Look at Pear-Shaped Celebrities for Inspiration

We can’t all afford our own stylists, but we can take a look at people who can. With ever-more accepting standards of beauty in Hollywood (and about time!). Real women can find helpful examples of how to style our fruitful shapes, especially if you’re 5’10 and up from icons like Blake Lively, Geena Davis, Serena Williams and Charlize Theron!


Here at 6 Foot Fashion, our focus is on celebrating tall ladies from all walks of life. In light of Wimbledon, we have created a list of our favourite tennis heroes, who were #blessed with the gift of height. From Williams to Sharapova, we’ve got you covered!

Venus Williams Wimbledon 6 Foot Fashion

Venus Williams – 6’1”     

Country: US | Turned  Pro: 1994

Of course, we have to start with one of the all-time greats of women-tennis. This four-time Olympic gold medallist with seven grand slam titles is the only tennis player to have won a medal at four separate Olympic games and hold the record for the most Grand Slams ever played. #AdvantageTall

Ana Ivanović – 6’

Country: Serbia & Montenegro | Turned Pro: 2003

Ana is a former world champion and Grand Slam title winner who competed as a pro unti 2016. She’s also one of Time Magazine’s ‘30 Legends of Women’s Tennis’ and was included on the list of ‘Top 100 Greatest Players Ever’ By Matthew Cronin. Another example of a tall woman whose completely smashed it!

Lindsay Davenport – 6’ 2 ½”

Turned Pro: 1993 | USA

Lindsay may not have played at this years Wimbledon but we believe she deserves a spot on our list! She was the world’s no.1 on 8 different occasions, an Olympic gold medal winner and an International Tennis Hall of Fame honoree. She is most famous for playing in the longest women’s final in Wimbledon history! Definitely, #AdvantageTall when it comes to this sport!


Petra Kvitova – 6’

Country: Czech Republic | Turned Pro: 2006

Petra is the second highest-ranked left-handed player with 20 career singles titles, including two Wimbledon Grand Slams, reaching her career-high of world no.2 in 2011.


Maria Sharapova – 6’2”

Country: Russia | Turned Pro: 2001

Forbes named her as the highest paid female athlete in the world for 11 years #Boss!. Sharapova is the only Russian to earn a career Grand Slam. This female tennis legend is known for her stylish fashion choices and is a perfect example of how us tall girls do it best!