As it’s November the chance of Summery weather is scarce. So if you’re starting to feel that autumnal chill, or to dread it, now’s the perfect time to check out the wide selection of jackets and coats for tall women which we stock here at 6FootFashion!

If your personal proportional problem is a long torso, then finding correctly fitting coats and jackets for tall women is an especially difficult task. Nothing is cut quite right, and far from finding a dramatic swishy coat with cape-like properties, most retailers only stock outerwear so short that you have to keep tugging it down over your stomach when you raise your arms. Thankfully, all of our coats and jackets have longer arm and body lengths than those you might find in your average high street brick and mortar store.

For those of you wanting a long coat, take a look at our very popular Kelly Scott London Cassie Trench Coat, or for a more whimsical look, our Urbancode Dusty Suedette Coat with detachable sleeves.

The trench coat is such a light neutral shade of pink that it will go with almost anything, from the delicate white ballet pumps and jeans of our model to the contrasting sophistication of our Free For Humanity Amadine Bordeaux Boho Blouse with our 37 inch Hello! Skinny Jeans Blackwash Barely Bootcut Jeans.

The Urbancode Dusty Suedette Coat is tan in colour, which is perfect for a more autumnal themed wardrobe. For an outfit reminiscent of warmth and the crunch of leaves underfoot, try teaming it with reds, greens and darker brown shades. How about the Kelly Scott London Beverly Stretch Fitted Dress, with the Vimoda Snakeskin bag? Another red option: the cosy Cocoa Cashmere Batwing Berry V-Neck Jumper! Or go for a casual, country look with the By Julie Check Print Oversized Top and comfortable Kelly Scott London Lauren Jersey Leggings?

We have lots of other lightweight autumn jackets and coats in stock too, ranging from the Kelly Scott London Claire Boucle Jacket in high quality French fabric to the Kelly Scott London Scotty Oversized Hoodie in black or coral pink. Or, if you want something to just throw on even more easily as you rush out of the door, why not check out our gorgeously soft Cocoa Cashmere Black Ribbed Neck Poncho?

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re inspired to check out our coats, jackets and all you could need in fashion for tall women.