Knitwear’s previously unflattering fashion reputation is really brightening up. There are so many knitwear collections out there this year, showcasing inventive, stylish and gorgeous new pieces. Gone are the days of chunky, shapeless jumpers knitted by your nan. These days you can even think ahead and buy finely textured summery knitwear. Here at 6FootFashion, we have all sorts of knitwear for tall women. Colours and patterns to suit any outfit, and any layer from blouse to shrugs to jumpers.

That’s right: jumpers. Finally the idea of an oversized jumper for tall women is realised. No longer is that cuddly concept just something for those under 5’7”. Our Kelly Scott London Marie Knit jumper comes in taupe, coral and black, and fits up to size 18. On a 6 foot model it nearly reaches her fingertips, so you can see that there is plenty of snuggle room.

However, if you have to leave the house, and sadly most of us do, then you might be after something with both comfort and class. The first and foremost recommendation would have to be the poncho.

The poncho gives a quirky touch to any outfit: have a look online and you can see it paired with everything from skirts and knee-high boots to jeans or smart trousers. They have soared back into fashion in the last few years, thanks to high profile designers such as Burberry and Gucci. In the US, poncho sales alone drove a 55% increase in demand for knitwear at Bloomingdale.

Our contribution to this trend is the Kelly Scott London Laura poncho, which comes in grey or navy with a cute stone design on the neckline. Because we know the design musts and must nots in selling clothes for tall women, we have ensured that this poncho is 78cm (30 inches) long down the back.

Unlike a more traditional “jacket replacement” style poncho, the Kelly Scott London poncho is designed to be worn as a first layer, or as a light jumper. It is soft against the skin, and its neutral colour options mean that it can slot seamlessly into your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Why not pair it with our Hello! Skinny Jeans? Or, for that unusual office look, with the Kelly Scott London Katie Straight Leg Trousers? Their inseam is 38 inches and we also sell the jacket to match.

As the days grow shorter, we wish you the best of luck in keeping your wardrobe stylish as well as warm. Check out our knitwear range if this article has inspired you, and hopefully you’ll be strutting around in our pieces, the envy of all your friends.